Do photographers hate shots lists?

A common conception that I’ve found among couples that I’ve talked with, is that photographers dislike taking family photos,
and/or doing shots off of a “shot list”.

I like doing these shots, because, not only does it gives me a chance, not only to get to know my clients a little better, but also to capture the people
that are the closest to my clients.
These photos are ones they’ll look back on and remember all the amazing people they shared their biggest day with, their family members, best friends, sisters, brothers. People who travelled there for the day, ones who might not be with them anymore.

Remember that really, the people you’re around make the day special.
Maybe it’s just the bride and groom on an elopement, with one friend or two.
Maybe it’s a couple who has a bridal party of 16 people.

Either way, the people they choose to spend their day with, are the ones they are closest to it, and as a photographer, we need to honor and respect that.
And if you’re me, you truly enjoy it!

If you’re a photographer, remember to always get a couple face-on photos of the bride and groom. Ones that show their faces, ones they can look at later and remember the way they looked, the jewelry they wore, the special little details; all in an honest face-on, classic portrait.



And if you’re a couple, preparing for your wedding day, check out this PRINTABLE SHOT LIST┬áthat you can use on your big day!

All the best,